Just Teachers International

Just Teachers International is an Education Business for teachers and staff for schools, colleges, and nurseries throughout the UK. Our continued expansion reflects the high level of service we deliver to our partner schools. Our commitment to safeguarding ensures our capacity to provide safe learning environments in schools for all. Our support services and networks mean that we meet the highest standards in terms of candidate support, development and progression- allowing teachers and staff to focus on the most important aspect of our work: quality teaching & learning in our schools. 

We have a network of global offices including Ireland, Canada and Australia. And in the UK, we have a national presence supplying London and the South, the Midlands, the North West, Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire, Lancashire and Lincolnshire.

Our mission remains to provide Irish teachers with the most specialist information and support in the quest to secure the best positions in the most supportive school contexts. Our approach is simple: We provide honest and up to date consultations for teachers who are interested in exploring opportunities outside Ireland. Our Irish team is led by a former Irish Headteacher and consists of experienced teachers, SEN specialists and recruitment experts.