Glenstal Abbey School

Glenstal Abbey School is a school for boys and is part of a monastic community that builds its life around the love of learning and the desire for God, values that are a lived reality here. While we have a strong Christian tradition we welcome students of all faiths and none. For many years, we have provided our students with a challenging and supportive environment within which to discover and grow into their own talents and way of being at home in the world.  

The school has approximately 250 students with small class sizes of between 12 and 16 students. We offer a broad curriculum of subjects which are delivered by a highly dedicated and passionate teaching staff. Our examination results are excellent across a wide ability range. We consistently maintain an outstanding academic record. The overwhelming majority of our students go on to study at universities throughout Ireland and Europe.

The origins of the current school lie in the small School for Arts and Crafts opened by the founding monks of Glenstal in 1928. A secondary school for boys was opened in September 1932. Fr Columba Skerret OSB was the Headmaster, and there were just seven boys on the roll.

However, the real founding father of the school was Fr Matthew Dillon OSB, who served as Headmaster twice – from 1937-1948 and from 1953 to 1961. During his first term of office he increased the number of boys from less than twenty to over one hundred.

From these humble beginnings the school has grown considerably. As the school has grown, it has spread beyond the confines of the original Barrington castle. Modern dormitories and refectories, a large Sports Hall and state-of-the art computing facilities combine to ensure that the school remains a vibrant and forward-looking educational institution.