• Glenstal Abbey School
  • Glenstal Abbey School, Murroe, County Limerick, Ireland
  • Nov 02, 2020
Full Time

Job Description

Reports to The Director of Boarding

Description of Role
The Housemaster has a vital role to play in the development of pupils, and under the Headmaster and Director of Boarding acts in loco parentis while pupils are in the school’s care. He is responsible to the Director of Boarding for the satisfactory performance of his duties.
The Housemaster is responsible for the care and control of the pupils in his house while they are pupils of the school. The Housemaster also shares responsibility with the other Housemasters and Assistant Housemasters for the pastoral care of all pupils.
The Housemaster has a caring and supportive role in the formation and development of students and is required to be attentive to the spiritual, personal and physical development of each student. He is also expected to encourage each student to strive for the best in himself in a disciplined and nurturing environment. He is expected to foster a home away from home for students and to ensure (where applicable) that day students and boarders integrate cohesively.
The Housemaster must be particularly aware of, and sympathetic to, the Catholic and Benedictine ethos of Glenstal, and work actively to maintain and enrich it.

Key Responsibilities
 To lead and manage the day-to-day running of the House.
 To provide a high level of pastoral care and support to students and to safeguard their
welfare, ensuring uninterrupted supervision outside of class time.
 To encourage the spiritual and moral development of the students by leading and supporting prayer in the House and also by providing positive example.
 To maintain good order and ensure a high standard of discipline in the House, thus providing a context where students are safe, healthy and respected.
 To encourage all students in the House to develop to their full potential, academically, socially, artistically, spiritually and in sport; building leadership and fostering the students’ maturation and personal growth.
 To promote a culture of work amongst all the students, particularly during Study time.
 To liaise with parents/guardians in a competent and supportive fashion and to respond
to phone and email communication from them in a timely manner.
 To maintain confidentiality regarding all pastoral and disciplinary issues.
 To collaborate effectively with the Headmaster, Deputy Principal, Director of Boarding, other boarding staff, Nurses, Counsellor, Chaplain, and staff on matters relating to the welfare of students.
 To ensure that the requirements of all relevant legislation and regulation are met.
 To implement and uphold all of the school’s pastoral procedures and policies.
 To maintain records and to write pastoral and other reports on the students in the House as required.
 Over the course of each academic year, to adjust and improve boarding practice, so as to meet the level required in the UK Department for Education’s National Minimum Standards for boarding schools.

 To be resident in the school boarding quarters during term time, except when off duty (with the exception of the monthly exeat weekend, when staff are off from Friday lunchtime to Monday evening.)
 To be ‘on call’, and easily accessible by mobile phone when resident (except during scheduled rest breaks) notwithstanding the fact that specific tasks and responsibilities will be rostered for particular times during the day.
 To take the appropriate rest breaks required by statutory regulation.
 To arrange with the Headmaster and the Director of Boarding to take appropriate time off in lieu at an appropriate later date, if, on occasion, it is not possible to take the appropriate rest breaks, so as to comply with the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act.

 To be available to meet with parents after Mass on Sundays and after other school functions.
 To attend the relevant Parent-Teacher Meetings for both year groups in the House.
 To attend official school functions, as requested by the Headmaster, including (but not limited to) Parents’ Weekend, Housemaster Induction Days. Musical and Drama performances, the Advent Carol Service, School Christmas Dinners, Sports Team Dinners, Transition Year Day, Sports Day and the Leavers’ Dinner.
 To be available throughout the state exam period and during the annual ‘Boarding Taster Days’.
Specific Duties General
 To act like a good father or mother, in advising, encouraging, praising and admonishing
the students in the House as necessary.
 To maintain a neat appearance at all times, dressing in appropriate professional attire during the working day and in suit and tie on Sundays and other formal occasions.
 To ensure that all students rise, retire, and attend meals, prayers, class, games and activities in a timely manner as scheduled.
 To ensure that students maintain their dormitories and other common areas in a clean and acceptable state.
 To welcome and assure the appropriate integration of foreign students.
 When on duty, to be fit to drive at all times in case of emergency.

Maintaining Records
 Daily morning roll-call and night roll-call.
 Weekend exeat lists (including permissions for absences on Saturday mornings and
permissions to go out with other families, where applicable).
 Accident Report File.
 Incident Report File.

 Fire Drill Record.
 House Sanction File.
 Accounts for students’ money banked with the Housemaster.

Activities and Supervision
 To administer, coach or supervise games or other activities on up to five afternoons per week, as assigned by the Director(s) of Sports and Activities.
 To supervise Study for up to six study-periods per week, as assigned by the Director of Boarding.
 To supervise Detention on a rota basis, as directed by the Deputy Principal.
 To supervise on buses and in the spectator areas at Cup games and any other
occasions when students travel to a sporting fixture.
 To supervise classes or examination centres as required in extraordinary circumstances, such as special staff meetings, or closures caused by weather conditions or industrial action.
 To be available for casual supervision of classes when present in the school, as requested by the Deputy Principal (for which supplementary payment may apply).
 To attend a weekly meeting of the Housemastering staff, chaired by the Director of Boarding.
 To meet formally with the Director of Boarding at least twice each term for supervision and evaluation.
 To support other Housemasters and Assistant Housemaster and other staff, through cooperation and the sharing of good practice.

Collaboration with other staff
 To liaise with the Nurses on student health issues, and to assist with occasional supervision of the Health Centre at busy periods.
 To collate travel information at the direction of the School Administrator at beginnings and ends of term, mid-terms and exeats.
 To liaise with the Director of Admissions regarding visits by students who are applying to the school and other related matters.

 To lead or invite others to lead daily House prayers, as scheduled by the Chaplain.
 To attend Mass with the students on Sundays, and on other occasions as directed by
the Headmaster.

 To seek to prevent bullying behaviour and to detect it when it occurs.
 To record all incidents and sanctions in the House Incident File and/or House
Sanction File.
 To notify the Director of Boarding of any major disciplinary incidents, providing a written report on all serious incidents.
 To participate in meetings of the Disciplinary Committee, as requested by the Director of Boarding.

Key Qualities
 To lead principally by example and be an excellent role model.
 To be an approachable person and an effective communicator, demonstrating strong emotional intelligence.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

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